by R+

The Boomer Generation and the Zoomer Generation are approximately 20 years apart (with Generation X and Millennials stepping in between).

The Boomers, a generation born within 1946 to 1964, the era after the Second World War. In Malaysia specifically, a generation regarded as ‘Merdeka Babies’; experiencing the birth of a country from pre-independence to independence. Subsequently living through post-Merdeka Nation Building times, and witnessing or contributing to the foundations of Malaysia onto the global map.

Economically, a generation subject to the economic fluctuations of Malaysia’s first economic boom, followed by three major recessions.

A generation, perhaps tasked to navigate the realities of a post-colonial nation and in-consequence define a “Malaysian Identity”. Informed by singular worldviews via a handful of broadcast and published media channels, moderated by the Government.

The Zoomers, born between 1995 to 2010, with the elder Zoomers sharing a birth date with Google, and the youngest with Tinder. The Malaysian Zoomers, a generation who has experienced the first governmental change of Malaysia (hurray), and the subsequent ‘backdoor’ injustice ensuing (boo). Globally exposed, Zoomers  believe in participating and engaging with causes and movements (climate crisis, worker’s rights, gender equality, etc) locating themselves as part of global communities. A Malaysian identity not bound locally, but by participation in global humanitarian causes.

Zoomers live an instant life, having been born into connectivity. Their worldviews are shaped, and hyper-expanded by ever progressing digital platforms controlled by algorithms of media conglomerates.

Boomers vs. Zoomers?
Boomers together with Zoomers?

Are both generations so different, a tension of values, beliefs and practices. Or are there similarities? One faced with the opportunities from the birth of a nation, and the other opportunities from the birth of the internet. Are both action figures, revolutionists, or do the Zoomers hold the Boomers accountable for the mess that is our politics and planet?

We would like to invite you to the Boom Zoom Room, a visual art exhibition (experience) where Boomers and Zoomers ideally have a generational conversation.