No Good x Kuala Lumpur Ceria
crafted by Tingkat Tiga

10-screen multi-image video installation, Cathode-ray tube televisions (CRT TV), DVD players, metal shopping trolley, etc.

“TOKLEH SKO TOKLEH NOK KATO, DUGAAE DI IBU KOTO” is an assemblage of many things, such as our beloved capital city. Taking the lyrics sung in the tune D’Kolupo by No Good while displaying footages taken from the archives of Kuala Lumpur Ceria, the screens tell many yet one common tale of the trials and tribulations living in Kuala Lumpur city.

The usage of screens serve as homage to 9 Federal administrations up till today.

Lyrics excerpt from ‘D’Kolupo’
by No Good (Punk Gong, 2021)

(Verse 1)
Wei lo Awe,
kilik beg nok gi mano
Hey Boy,
where are you headed with the bag,

Mok nanok nasi dapur,
Ayoh tunggu atah paro Mother is in the kitchen cooking rice, Dad’s waiting on the patio,

Beli tiket bas nok gi Kolupo, hajat nok gi cari kijo Bought a bus ticket Kuala Lumpur bound, gonna look for a job

Balik kampung esok luso
tok tahu jadi gapo dio
When you come back home we don’t know what’s gonna happen to ya

No Good is a punk rock trio singing in the Kelantanese dialect exploring different tropes of the punk music spectrum.

@nogoodisdead on Instagram.

Kuala Lumpur Ceria is a social-media movement claiming back the pride of our gritty capital city via contributed footages.

@kualalumpurceria on Instagram.

Tingkat Tiga is an artisanal collective focusing on experimentation and exploration of mediums and materials for commercial use.

@ditingkattiga on Instagram.