Ellen Ang
of MIA Illustration Department

Mixed media
59.4cm x 84.1cm

My mother is from the Boomer generation, and has spent half of her life taking care of family, which would mean compromises and sacrifices through half of life. From the Zoomer generation, I have always believed that love and marriage are not the only way to live. You can have a wonderful life to live out on your own. I often wonder what my mother’s life would be like if she did not get married.

Women have become more brave and confident, and it is never too late to make that choice and live for yourself. This project is my shout to ask women to change their mindset and encourage us all to live for yourself!

Ellen Ang is an illustrator and visual communicator based in Malaysia. She is passionate, opinionated, and would like to tell her stories through visuals. Additionally, using raw materials to create texture and effects to present different perspectives

@ellen.have.a.dream on Instagram.